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Moustache You to Smile | #handypouch
Moustache You to Smile | #handypouch

Moustache You to Smile | #handypouch

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This fun and funny pouch makes a great carrying case to the matching face covering and for other odds and ends that you may need to carry like a phone charger, keys, or those extra set of earbuds you swear you wouldn't lose. However, we do suggest that you decide on using it as a carrier for your face covering OR other stuff but not both.  

Why not add a little giggle to your day and have something to smile about!
  • Custom made design by Love Hayes
  • 100% Polyester canvas shell withstands everyday use while looking great
  • Denim lining provides a soft structure
  • Metal Zipper
  • Vegan Leather Pull Tab gives you extra grip on your carry-all
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