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Bonjour mes amis | Face Covering
Bonjour mes amis | Face Covering
Bonjour mes amis | Face Covering
Bonjour mes amis | Face Covering

Bonjour mes amis | Face Covering

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We’re all trying to go the extra mile right now to stay safe and sanitary in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Part of that is covering our faces in public. Our 200 thread count cotton sateen face coverings are silky soft against your skin and printed with permanent reactive inks so they won’t fade even after endless washes. They feature a stainless steel nose piece to ensure a tight fit, and soft fabric elastic that can be adjusted to fit your head shape. They have an internal filter pocket which acts as the double layer of fabric while also allowing you to insert an additional filter suited to your needs. While we don’t have a choice to change our lifestyles to suit the world, we do get to choose the artwork that we wear! Cover up with custom Love Hayes printed face coverings and stay safe and stylish!

Order a matching #handypouch for care and safety.


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READ THIS: It’s important that your face covering fits as snug as possible to your face. Take some time to do the following measurements before you order. Don’t assume that your face size is similar to your clothing size! Face shapes can vary significantly from person to person.

Measure from the beginning of one ear, over the tip of your nose, to the start of your other ear.

Size Ear-to-ear over nose
Adult X-Large 30.5 cm
Adult Large 29 cm
Adult Medium 27.5 cm
Adult Small 26 cm
Youth Large 25 cm
Youth Medium 23.5 cm
Youth Small 22 cm